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OSDSP «Open Source Data Security Proof» – The proof insurance in the BLOCKCHAIN


Daniel Mayerthaler, OSDSP pilot

Daniel has been travelling worldwide as «Analog Native» since 1987, to digitize for Swiss hardware/software companies in various industries (graphics, textiles, cartography). In the 2000s the multimedia world followed with ProofYourself and DMA. Digitizing is his profession; Decentralisation – The next step in digitisation.

E-Mail, Web, +41 79 686 38 56

Ana Maria Mayerthaler, OSDSP co-pilot


Her profession is administration. Her passion is Música Sertaneja      Her passion is Música Sertaneja.

E-Mail, Web, +41 79 686 38 56

Lucas Reis & Thacio

Lucas Reis & Thacio are singers, composers and musicians who represent the new Brazilian Música Sertaneja in her unmistakable style. The free OSDSP proof insurance for new compositions is easy, fast and global.

Web, YouTube

Claude Hitz, advertising agency owner Ergo ASW

Born and raised in and around Zurich. School of Design Zurich, apprenticeship as graphic artist in Zurich, trainee in design agencies. Permanent employment and freelancer in various small and large advertising agencies and in 1994 founding of the advertising agency Ergo in Zurich.

E-Mail, Web, +41 44 368 33 22

Roman Hofer, cartoonist

To protect my cartoons and ideas, OSDSP is the perfect tool.

Simple, fast and secure. And I can be sure that the time stamp is indelibly anchored.

E-Mail, Web, +41 79 642 33 64

Peter Jäger, training company pre2media GmbH

Peter Jäger is co-owner of the training company pre2media GmbH since 2001. He works as a trainer, consultant and lecturer in the field of digital image processing, color management and is a PDF expert. He is also editor of the video learning platform for publishers

com2publish.ch. E-Mail, Web, +41 55 244 42 75

Roland Saner, Marketing Communications Manager

Roland Saner worked for many years as Marketing Communications Manager in an international group of companies.

E-Mail, Web, +41 79 214 59 66

Andreas Seidt, jazz musician

Composer and producer of own CD productions. Concert/studiojobs in various formations (Seidtsteps, Pillion Plans, Thomas Moeckel Orchestra, Jamie Wong-Li, Ramada Houseband and many others)

E-Mail, Web, +41 79 456 01 79

Roger Widmer, naturopath

I support you with natural treatments for your well-being.

Take time for your health. I'll take my time for you.

E-Mail, Web, +41 79 66 127 66

Partners, Network and Standards

We use PDF 1.7

ISO 32000-1:2008


QuickHash GUI

Textfeld: Textfeld: The reports of the Reporting and Analysis Centre for Information Assurance MELANI                       explain the most important trends and developments concerning incidents and occurrences in information and communication technologies (ICT). With checklists and instructions you can make your systems safer in various subject areas.

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