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OSDSP «Open Source Data Security Proof» – The proof insurance in the BLOCKCHAIN

OSDSP is the permanent fingerprint in the BLOCKCHAIN!

OSDSP is proof of ideas

With OSDSP, artists and developers can secure the first permanent proof of their creations and confidential data.

The backup of "prior art“ with public              time stamp can prevent unnecessary           legal processes.

OSDSP is proof of originator

Authors of media and measurement data (PDF, image, video, audio, text) secure the first irrevocable time stamp of their data before uploading them to the Internet.

Important OFFLINE proof backup

With the PDF offline backup of the OSDSP register, the original state of data can be verified and proven even without access to the Internet.

Free, Global & OpenSource

OSDSP is the operating system independent Free & OpenSource proof insurance.

NIST Technology Standard

OSDSP uses professional IT forensics tools to record the digital fingerprints of complete databases with SHA functions (Secure Hash Algorithm).

Automatic preservation of proof

Who has control over your cloud?

More and more data is being moved from traditional in-house media to a convenient and cost-effective cloud. For companies or service providers with different needs, the use of a cloud storage in combination with a secure offline backup is practical and makes sense. In today's unmanageably aggressive world of communication and disinformation, however, we are becoming increasingly aware of how vulnerable interest-based storage systems are due to technical problems or manipulation. Especially in environments with multiple users who have access to sensitive data, confidence in market-dominating cloud networks is crumbling. Time and again, seemingly "secured" data falls into the hands of others and is illegally exploited or misused.

The fully automatic  and regular recording of the digital fingerprints of complete cloud or local databases in the world's most secure decentralised database BLOCKCHAIN, using OSDSP, enables the proof of data mutations and data manipulations.

Trust is good, control is better. OSDSP, the state-of-the-art IT security solution for idea protection and rights management, guarantees the best possible data security.

Timestamp in public database

Our service is the encrypted evidence anchoring of your data with time stamp without expiration date in the OSDSP register and in the world's most secure decentralized database BLOCKCHAIN.

OSDSP Biometrics Proof

The combination of the first irrevocable time stamp in the OSDSP register and the BLOCKCHAIN together with the personal biometric signatures provides maximum security of evidence.

Straight to the point

A file without OSDSP is like a parcel         without a time stamp.



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