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OSDSP «Open Source Data Security Proof» – The proof insurance in the BLOCKCHAIN

BITCOIN-BLOCKCHAIN is the digital backbone of chronology!



· the world's most robust, decentralized, irreversible and transparent database

The first digital global currency BITCOIN has been in existence since 2009. It is an open source project, which was handed over to the internet by the inventor Satoshi Nakamoto (anonymous individual or group) and thus to the general public.

BITCOIN is based on

a a clever combination of proven IT and cryptography technologies. Is BITCOIN the next big paradigm shift?

1458 letterpress, 1833 telegraphy,                1989 internet, 2009 BITCOIN.

Important: This is not an investment recommendation. The most important thing when dealing with BITCOIN is the know-how, self-responsibility and digital security!


· BITCOIN is cash for the Internet and a decentralized database.

· What the Internet did for information, BITCOIN is doing for trust.

· No central power can control BITCOIN.

· Decentralized, global networking offers maximum security.

· BITCOIN is self-regulating and covered by mathematics.

· Immediate global transactions without barriers to central third parties.

· Transactions are irreversible and are recorded transparently.

· No unnecessary transfer fees.

· BITCOIN is constantly being further developed.

· DECENTRALIZATION - The foundation for the INTERNET of TRUST.

Welcome aboard!

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