OSDSP flat rate

Every Monday, the asymmetric and anonymous data evidence backups of the flat rate users are anchored in the OSDSP register.

Flat rate users receive an offline backup of the OSDSP register with which they can verify and prove the original state of data without access to www.OSDSP.com

Technical Support

We are happy to provide hourly technical support, advice and training on site or via remote maintenance.

We show you how to record and secure the digital fingerprints of your confidential data independently with professional IT tools.

We help you to remain independent for irreversible evidence preservation with OSDSP.


OSDSP Express Anchor

You have a flash of inspiration and can't wait until next Monday to anchor the evidence of a hot idea.

We would be happy to help you with an individual, asymmetrical and anonymous preservation of evidence in the world's most secure open source decentral database.

Price per year

CHF 97.-


Price per event

CHF 79.-


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OSDSP «Open Source Data Security Proof» – The data proof of existence in the BTC-BLOCKCHAIN

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Registration and information

info@osdsp.com or                                                Phone: +41 79 686 38 56

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